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5 Must-Try Cocktails at FlyOver's Lost Cactus Bar

After you’ve seen the sights, heard the sounds, smelled the scene-setting scents and felt the thrill of flight, prepare your taste buds for a world of flavor at The Lost Cactus bar. With help from Reece Westerlund, general manager at Flyover in Las Vegas, we've taken a closer look at five cocktails to learn what makes each its own spectacular experience.

The Flyover experience is an immersive, multi-sensory journey. And The Lost Cactus serves up signature cocktails created to keep that feeling alive even after your ride is over. With all three films in mind, Westerlund designed each drink to pay homage to the colors, textures, flavors and significance of the American West, Iceland and the Canadian Rockies. Thirsty? Here are five standout drinks that are sure to hit the spot.

Prickly Pear drink
This cool and refreshing fuchsia margarita also has bite. The chili lime (Tajín) rim will remind you that the beautiful flowering prickly pear cactus is gorgeous. And spikey! Westerlund features the native cactus and its pink blossom in this western twist on a classic margarita.
Sin City cocktail

Combining the decadent reputation of Vegas with premier Empress Gin from Victoria, British Columbia, this cocktail is as delightfully over-the-top as its name suggests. Modeled after B.C.’s Garden City cocktail, the floral-inspired concoction's lemon and grapefruit juice offer a balance of citrus and sweet, mixing beautifully with the indigo-hued gin. The Vegas twist? A splash of prosecco to add some bubbly extravagance.

Fire and Ice cocktail

Fire and Ice IS Iceland in a glass. Drink the colors of the northern lights. Enjoy the sweetness, saltiness and mystery of this smoky, magical island. Featuring Icelandic Reyka Vodka and crafted right in front of guests, the composition and construction of Fire and Ice evokes the lava and light of icy Iceland. Taste, travel and enjoy.

Canadian Sky cocktail

As vast and airy as the sky and as earthy and grounded as the Rocky Mountains, this is the Canadian Sky. Westerlund employs whimsical cotton candy to evoke the contrasting skyline and ridgeline of Windborne: Call of the Canadian Rockies. Consider this uplifting gin cocktail your call to sky-high alpine adventure.

Gold Rush cocktail

Here is a mock mimosa that with enough glitz and glam to fit right in on the Vegas Strip. Paying tribute to the California Gold Rush that accelerated growth in the American West, this tasty non-alcoholic creation sparkles as it sweetens. “It was important at The Lost Cactus to have a menu that was very inclusive and that can appeal to everyone,” says Westerlund of the mocktail. “Everyone has a place at our bar and deserves a well-curated drink."

If you’re looking for more thrills after your Flyover experience, head to The Lost Cactus for more sensory indulgence. Or simply turn around and see another Flyover film! Book your Flyover experience today and view The Lost Cactus menu here.

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