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Flyover Getting the Shot: Stehekin Washington

Each Flyover film requires an incredible amount of planning and coordination to capture that perfect shot. A talented team of creatives and planners work together for months to scout locations, coordinate, plan and then film this ambitious project.

Wonders of the American West (formerly The Real Wild West), which was shot in Nevada, Oregon, Washington, Montana, California, Arizona, New Mexico and Utah, is no exception. It takes passengers over 22 of the United States’ most magnificent cities, monuments and landscapes to capture the essences of the country’s rugged west — from the people and the places to the history and the stories of this diverse area.

One of the most thrilling and heart-pumping scenes of the entire film is two wingsuiters jumping from a helicopter and soaring through the Stehekin Valley.

Located just south of North Cascades National Park in Washington, Stehekin is a remote area with no direct road access — the only way in is by foot, boat or plane. The seclusion of this pristine area is part of its appeal and is a hidden gem of the west not seen by many.

Typically, most of the film is shot from the vantage point of a helicopter in sharp, high definition, but helicopters can’t fly fast enough to keep up with the wingsuiters, so the team mounted an 8K camera on the helmet on one of the wingsuiters to capture these magnificent shots.

The result is a thrilling ride from the perspective of expert stuntpeople through the rugged Cascade Mountains. Watch the video above to see how this scene came to life.

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