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The Making of FlyOver in Las Vegas

Each Flyover film requires an incredible amount of planning and coordination to capture each perfect shot. A talented team of creatives and planners work together for months to scout locations, coordinate, plan and then film this ambitious project.

Wonders of the American West (formerly The Real Wild West), which was shot in Nevada, Oregon, Washington, Montana, California, Arizona, New Mexico and Utah, is no exception. It takes passengers over 22 of the United States’ most magnificent cities, monuments and landscapes to capture the essences of the country’s rugged west — from the people and the places to the history and the stories of this diverse area.

The Flyover experience begins as soon as guests walk in the door, and anticipation continues to grow as they make their way towards the main attraction.

Created by the visionary team at Moment Factory, Wonders of the American West’s pre-show sets the tone before visitors take to the Flyover skies. Using a collection of digital postcards and a short film, the pre-show tells the storied history of the American West, giving further context to the one-of-a-kind adventure guests are about to embark on.

Rick Rothschild, Flyover’s creative director, traces the origins of the ride itself to a simple goal: capturing the feeling of flight. Through industry leading technology and ever-evolving innovations, Flyover does just that. And the dynamic motion is just the beginning. Riders are transported into the action through immersive scents, sounds and, of course, beautifully shot visuals.

Wonders of the American West’s director Dave Mossop captured and weaved together the mosaic of scenes for the film, with a unifying theme of the American West’s adventurous spirit. The result is a spectacular collection of thrills and sprawling beauty, from the peaks of Washington to the edge of the Grand Canyon.

Watch the video above to hear Rothschild, Mossop and Moment Factory multimedia director Julien Demers-Arsenault describe how Wonders of the American West came to be.

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